Our Cartoon President - Character Design Lead

Here are some select designs and process from Showtime’s animated series, Our Cartoon President, where I worked as Character Design Lead. I was responsible for designing characters and props, as well as managing a team of designers, insuring quality standards were up-kept in my department, and coordinating with other department leads to help keep production as smooth as possible.

Mitch McConnell

 Sean Hannity

Nancy Pelosi


Rudy Giuliani

James “Mad Dog” Mattis

Paul Ryan

Jeff Bezos

Lindsey Graham

Ainsley Earhardt

Karen “Mother” Pence


Even More Characters

Left to Right: Tim Ryan, Pete Buttigieg, Bill DeBlasio, Michael Bloomberg, Bill Shine

Left to Right: Elon Musk, Emmanuel Macron, Diane Feinstein, Joe Manchin, A Pigeon

Left to Right: Ben Romney, Craig Romney, Omarosa, Michael Pompeo, Mick Mulvaney


A group of Donald Trump impersonators featured in an early episode. Original Donald Trump design (left) by show creator Tim Lueke